Did you know that there are over 2 million OFWs all over the globe? According to  Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA), there is estimated of 2.3million OFWs as of September 2018.

The often reason why our countrymen decide to leave our beloved county is because of the better opportunity, huge salary and career growth that they will probably receive.

Finding a job abroad is now easier due to the growing number of opportunities offered by other counties for all Filipinos. Also, there are lots of agencies abroad where we can easily apply online.

If you are a first-time job seeker abroad, it’s a good idea to find out which country you’re most likely to apply for. In choosing the country you are going to work in, you must consider your safety, career growth, quality of life and open culture.

Here are some countries we can recommend for first time job seeker abroad:


Singapore is one of the most popular destinations of Filipino vacationist because of its attractive places and its proximity to the Philippines. It’s also one of the best places for OFWs because of its steady economy, provides sustainable career, good security, high wages and job opportunities for professionals. There is no barrier when it comes to language because many local speaks English as well.

Some of the job opportunities that Singapore offers for OFWs are IT, Software Engineers, nurses and other healthcare professionals.


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United Arab Emirates has one of the largest number of Filipino workers, according to PSA, 15.7% of 2.3million OFW works in UAE. So, if you plan to work to this country, you will see lots of our Kababayan there.

UAE offers a lot of jobs with high salaries and tax-free opportunities for Filipino workers because of their steady growth economy. You also have no difficulty when it comes to communication with people because English language is what they often used.

Some of the job they offer are IT Staff, Call center agents, customer representatives, baristas and domestic helpers.


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South Korea is now one of the best places to work due to the continuous increasing job opportunities for Overseas Filipino Workers. Aside from the good quality of their products and services, Korea is also one of the safest places to live.

Some of the in-demand jobs in South Korea is English Teachers and Production Operators. One of their common requirements for you to get hired and work in their country is to speak and understand basic Korean language.


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Who wouldn’t dream of coming to Japan for vacation or work? Japan is famous for its culture, wonderful places, clean environment, advance security and steady growth economy so it is one of the best countries recommended to get a job.

As of now, the number of OFWs in Japan is starting to rise due to high job opportunities with high salaries and benefits offered for Filipinos. Just like South Korea, one of the common requirements for you work in this country is you must learn how to speak and understand basic Japanese language.

Some of the jobs they offer are IT programmers, English Teachers, Production Operators and Fruit pickers. Japanese government is also in need of caregivers where they will provide free training in caregiving and housekeeping.


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Taiwan is known as a country that hires production operators, machine operators, and factory workers for electrical companies.  They also offer job vacancies for domestic helpers and caregivers. According to Philippine Statistics Authority, 5.5% out of 2.3million OFWs are in Taiwan.

If you are planning to apply and work in Taiwan, there are lots of POEA-accredited agencies located in Manila where you can pass your resume and some supporting documents.


Saudi Arabia remains the leading OFW destination. According to PSA, 24.3% out of 2.3million OFWs is currently located in Saudi Arabia. This country offers a lot of jobs that offer good benefits such as lower cost of living.

It’s not a common requirement to learn how to speak and understand Arabic language before you get hired and work in this country. But you must atleast know how to speak and understand English language. As you started working in Saudi Arabia, you can constantly learn and understand Arabic language for you to communicate with the locals there.


Qatar is becoming a top destination of OFWs in the Middle East. According to PSA, 5.2% of 2.3million OFW around the globe are in Qatar. Being one of the richest countries in the world due to its development in oil and gas fields, so it’s not surprising that Qatar can provide competitive salary packages for Filipinos.

There is a higher demand for Filipino workers in construction and preparation for Qatar’s hosting of 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar is also one of the top destinations for household workers, healthcare professionals and teachers.

To enjoy life in there, you must understand the culture. This applies whether you work in the capital Doha or in other cities.


Canada is a country in North America where many overseas Filipino workers or OFWs are looking forward to land an overseas job. This country has consistently ranked among the best countries in the world for immigrants because of better opportunities, friendly community, better environment, and higher salary grade for employees.

Winter resorts offer seasonal jobs in restaurants, accounting, and reception, or jobs as instructors at associated ski schools. Benefits vary, but most of these jobs in Canada include lift passes and some staff housing and meal discounts.

If you have TEFL or TESOL certification, there are opportunities to teach English in the large metro areas of Toronto and Vancouver. Media jobs in Toronto are also easy to find, thanks to thriving telecommunications and film industries companies.


Australia is becoming well re-owned for its pondness for receiving migrant workers from all over the world and encouraging their growth and assimilation.

This country is in need of engineers due to its solid, service-based economy of mining and agriculture making. Aside from engineers, the country needs chefs, electrician, IT professionals, mechanics and plumbers. If you have some background in the service industry, you can work as a tour guide, bartender, housekeeper, or restaurant staff.

Filipinos can easily adapt in Australia’s great climate, relaxing scenery, abundant leisure activity, and laid-back lifestyle of the good-natured Australians.

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