A couple of years ago, it was a lot harder and slower finding a job. You have to wait for Sunday for the Classified Ads. Because that is the time most companies advertise their job openings in newspapers. When you are going to pass your resume, you have to go directly to the office of the company. I usually buy a map of Metro Manila from the local bookstore. Most of the time these maps are a few years outdated. So you have to expect that some of the landmarks may have already changed. The streets rarely change so those are at least useful. Furthermore, these maps are big and it is not convenient to bring them. What I would do is draw the street of the office that I am going to on another paper. Then I will use that as my guide.

Finding Jobs Using Apps and Websites

Job seekers these days have it easier. If you want to submit your credentials you can simply go to a website like jobopps.com.ph. Just create an account. Type in your credentials. Submit.

Employers will have access to your data. They will send you an email or give you a call if your skills match what they are looking for.

Getting to the Job Location using Google Map

You also don’t have to bring a big map anymore. All you need is a smartphone with GPS tracking and Google Map. Just open the app. Type the address of the place you are going to. Google map with place a read marker to mark your destination and your current location would also show on the map as a blue dot.

As you move, so does the blue dot on the map. You will know when you are close to your destination or you have already arrived. No more getting lost.

Creating Resumes and Application Letters Using Word Processing Apps

Do you want to create a Resume or an application letter? Previously, you will need a Desktop PC. If you don’t have a computer at home, you will have to rent at a local computer shop. But that is not a problem anymore. Tablets and smartphones are now powerful enough to handle word processing.

If you are wondering what’s the best word processing app, I would recommend Google Docs and WPS Office.

All the resources that you need in finding a job are more accessible these days. Good luck with your job hunting.

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