What is the Purpose of the OFW E-Card?

The OFW E-Card was launched in November 2018.
It’s purpose is to replace OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate). OEC has an expiration of 60 days while the OFW E-Card is a permanent ID similar to the UMID ID.

The main purpose of this card is to provide an easy access to the various services and programs provided by OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration).

How to Get an OFW E-Card:

1. To apply for the OFW E-Card, Go to https://ecard.owwa.gov.ph/
2. Fill up the application form.
3. Make sure to select the correct regional office where you will pickup the E-Card.
4. Submit your application.
5. Wait for the Tracking Number
6. Enter your Email or Facebook Profile Name so you can receive notifications about the status of your OFW E-Card.
7. When you receive the notification that your card is ready, you can pick it up at the regional office that you have selected. If you are not able to do this personally, you can have a relative pick it up. They must have your authorization letter and a photocopy of your Passport Bio Page.

The Benefits of the OFW E-Card

Having the E-Card will give you several benefits:

1. It can serve as your Exit Clearance.
2. Waved airport fees and terminal fees.
3. It is an accepted Government ID
4. It will give you access to various OWWA programs such as trainings, medical benefits, and many more.

Who Can Apply for the OFW E-Card?

Right now only those who are Balik-Manggawa are eligible to get the e-card. They must also be an OWWA for at least 90 days. They must have a passport that is valid for at least six months.They must have an existing OEC number.

Eventually, after the first stage of the implementation, OWWA plans the E-Card to available to all Overseas Filipino Workers.

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