As the world fights COVID-19, it has brought a big impact on the lives of most people. Those who already got a job and job seekers alike, are at loss in situation like this. Knowing that most companies are not operating normal as usual, job seekers are uncertain how to proceed with job-hunting. On the other hand, even those who have jobs may be thinking of seeking for jobs sooner. With uncertainties of what the lockdown may bring to their jobs, it is normal feel less secured.

Despite what pandemic disease brought to our nation, we must keep our cool. We must continue to do what we must do in our lives. As not all companies did not stop hiring people, job seekers shouldn’t stop seeking. This is the time that smart recruiters are searching for candidates. The process may have slowed down, but they never really stopped searching.

Smart job-hunting tips to consider while we are on a lockdown :

How should we go on with our lives without risking ourselves to the virus? How do job-seekers continue with their job search? Without having to break lockdown rules, we have listed here 8 smart job-hunting tips for job seekers.


Certainly, there are things we can’t control. But it is when we are calm, we are able to think straight. Having a good disposition helps us to plan things more effectively. In short, we must worry less, so we can act better. In trying and challenging times like these, we must stay positive as we remain negative from CoVid-19.

If you are a job seeker, be kind no matter how stressful job-hunting will become. Recruitment process will be slower than usual. So be patient and mindful of others.

On the other hand, those who still have their jobs, should not panic. Likewise, should continue to keep in-touched with their employers to get updated. They should play by ear whether they should do drastic moves, like job-hunting.


Update your resume and tweak it for every job you are applying for. Prepare to make online video resume for companies who would require for such. Upload an updated online profile on LinkedIn in consideration to recruiters who check on candidates online.

Lastly, be aware of the job market. Do a research on how’s the job market is doing. There would be jobs that may open to cope with the challenging times of CoVid-19. Be ready to apply. As you prepare, also check on companies you wished to send your applications to.


This is the era that some hiring managers and recruiters run a background check on your social media accounts. Use this time to tidy up your digital footprints and clean up those embarrassing posts. You wouldn’t know if these online presence will hurt your job application. Do the clean up soon, before your new boss Googles you.


People from your network can be a source of job referrals too. Start reconnecting with friends and former colleagues. Let them know you are seeking for a job and ask for referrals. Join groups or forums too, continue to network. Be open to meeting new friends outside your regular circle, without having to go out. However, be careful not to fall for fake jobs schemes online. Sad to say, even in this time of distress, some people are there to take advantage. Run background checks on people and jobs.


As you start seeking for jobs, better set to upgrade your skills and knowledge as well. Use this time, to attend online courses and enhance your skills. Learn new ones to upgrade yourself. This may come handy on the new job you are applying for. Remember recruiters hire you for your skills. You better highlight that.

In conclusion, read those books you’ve been meaning to read for long. Remember that knowledge is power. It won’t hurt if you regularly sharpen your mind by reading books.


Remote interviews will most likely happen now with employers. Know the technology. If you are not familiar using video conferencing, learn and practice using it. Most importantly, you will be confident facing your interviewer if you know how to navigate the app.

When you receive phone interviews, remember to practice phone etiquette. If it’s your one chance to get interviewed, you better give your best. Similarly, video interviews should be taken seriously. Like face-to-face interviews, you should always come prepared and ready.


As the community quarantine continues, work-from-home opportunities may increase. Let the lockdown serves as an opportunity to practice to work remotely. Learn to use project management and productivity apps. Refresh your computer knowledge and skills if necessary. Make your time at home productive by getting prepared to get hired soon.

In addition, if you are on a limited data plan, don’t consume it to binge watching movies online. You will never know when opportunity arrives for you to work remotely.


While we are on a community lockdown, one of the smartest way to search for jobs is online. Job seekers may search for jobs via job portals or career portals. Likewise, recruiters can also post jobs and search for candidates upon signing up.

Job portal or career portal like JobOpps is a modern innovative job searching tool in this digital age. It bridges the gap between job seekers and recruiters.

As we all know, the pandemic disease brought by COVID-19 is beyond our control. But as a good citizen, we can do our part in preventing it to spread by staying at home. Lockdown will end in two weeks. Until then, following these smart job-hunting tips we provided here, we wish you will find it helpful.

In conclusion, give yourself a pat in the back as you cope with this tough time. Overcoming the challenges and difficulties will make you more resilient. Good luck on your job-hunting.

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