Middle name is one of our most important identity as an individual. This will identify our dissimilarity among others, that has the same given name and surname. Our middle name is the surname of our mother when she was still single and not yet married while our surname that we are currently using is the surname of our father.

However, there are cases that when a child was born and there is no presence of the father who will sign the birth certificate, the mother’s surname will be registered as the child’s surname and will leave the middle name as blank.

Having no middle name on your birth certificate is not a major problem in schools, works, and getting government-issued IDs. You can leave the middle name as blank in every form that you are filling in. But not with the NBI Clearance Online Application.

As the manual application of NBI Clearance through filling-up, the printed-out application form with their details are no longer used, there is now an online appointment system to lessen the burden when applying.

But when you fill-up the NBI clearance application form online, you can’t leave the space provided for middle name as blank.

Using NA (Not Applicable) and a hyphen is not acceptable.  You are not also allowed to use your mother’s middle name as this will result in a big mistake. In this case, many of us are asking what should we do?

According to the NBI representative I talked over the phone, applicants with no middle name can simply put MNU (Middle Name Unknown) in capital letters with no spaces in the field.

In this way, the application portal will let you proceed to the next process and scheduling an appointment with NBI. Remember to bring your Birth certificate as a supporting document shows that you have no middle name on the day of your appointment with NBI.

To sum-up all the procedure in getting an NBI Clearance, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Register an account with NBI Clearance website with your email

STEP 1: Register an account with NBI Clearance website with your email

STEP 2: Enter all the required personal information in the personal
information section.

STEP 2: Schedule an appointment and choose your preferred NBI Clearance

STEP 3: Go to 7-Eleven branches and pay your NBI Clearance Application.

STEP 4: Go to the NBI Clearance Branch you selected on your appointment
date to process your application.

STEP 5: On the day of your appointment, go to NBI branch and proceed to
the window where they will get your Photo and Biometrics.

STEP 6: Proceed to Releasing Section to get your NBI Clearance.

The process is now easier and faster right? You don’t have to wait for the long queue in each process to get NBI Clearance.

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